giovedì 17 maggio 2012

大学生活〜 University Life

A wild Pikachu appeared at the third campus!
Finally I have time to update this blog! YAY
I always promise to update as soon as possible but I always fail. Oh, well whatever lol
Probably you are wondering why I'm writing in english even if I'm italian. The fact is that english is the most common language and "usually" everybody can understand It... that's why I'm writing in english, so that everyone around the world can understand my blog. However my english is not so good, so I apologize for errors/mistakes and other stuff ^^"
Talking about University... well, It is quite hard, because everything is in Japanese. And when I said everything, believe me, I'm talking about E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G : reports, questions, books, homeworks, rules, notifications... sometimes even japanese students don't understand, you can imagine how difficult is for a ryuugakusei (留学生), an exchange student.
Anyway, I said difficult, but actually university is really cool. I can finally choose what I WANT to study. Of course you need to take some classes like japanese, entertainment, digital comunication, but the good thing is that you can also choose other classes.  For example, I'm taking 3D Computer Graphic, rough sketch class, and human anatomy. The last one It's really hard. Of course you have to draw human body, bones and so on, but the real problem is that you have to memorize all the name in japanese... and the funny thing is that sometimes I don't even know the name in my language lol

classroom at early morning... in front of Yodobashi-Akiba
For me is the first time at university, so this system is all new. But I must say that I kinda like It. The thing that Iike the most, is that you have to organize your own time. You are free, but you have responsability, kind of mature ;)
I have also made a lot of friends, most of them are Chinese, but there also guys from Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, Taiwan, one from Costa Rica, one from Spain, another one from German... I have some japanese friends as well. About japanese students, I must say that isn't so easy to talk with them, they are rather shy. Maybe because at first they are a bit afraid of foreigner... well we gaijin are not going to eat you, so take It easy guys^^"
Talking about a different topic, when I have free time I read the book series "A Song of Ice and Fire" by Martin, and usually talking with one of my friends at university. However, lately I have been playing a new 3DS games: Fire Emblem kakusei (ファイアーエムブレム覚醒). I thought no one know Fire Emblem, but here in Japan It's pretty famous. I won't spoiler the game, but let me say a few opinions. The gameplay is basically always the same-I like It, A LOT- also they added some interesting stuff like double-attack, and change-camera button during battle. Playing It is really fun. However I don't really like the story. I mean, It's not so bad, but at the same time not so cool as I thought before buying the game... It's so-so (maa maa まあまあ〜 ). The CG movie are cool, but I still don't like the character design, I'm sorry to said that but It doesn't suite Fire Emblem series... I prefer the other one used for Path of Radiance ad Goddess of Dawn, way more beautiful and original than this.
Another thing that is "maa maa" are the characters: the idea of making your own character is interesting, but the other characters are way too stupid, and usually act like stereotypes from anime/manga. Also their discussions are really poor. Well sometimes are quite funny, but still stupid.

Kuromu-sama: he, I'm nakeeeeddd!!!!
My character "accidentally" found prince Kuromu naked.
Next time they will add high school students with uniform and then we'll get the perfect "medival fantasy school drama". Urgh, don't wanna think about that...!

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  1. Oddio che bello *_* proprio l'altro giorno pensavo "Chissà come se la passa Misu" ahah☆
    Sono felice che ti stia piacendo 'w' mi raccomando avvisa quando torni che un giorno o l'altro ci vediamo!

    1. Dovrei tornare per le vacanze estive da Agosto a Settembre! Quindi possiamo vederci senza problemi!!! :)

  2. Ma pure FE in anteprima? Eh no, questo è troppo! XD

    Cavolate a parte, sembra proprio che sia una vita impegnativa ma appagante, mi fa piacere che ti trovi bene.
    Sempre carino da frequentare, questo blog. Alla prossima!

    1. Si decisamente impegnativa! Più che altro perchè sto facendo tutto in una lingua diversa... e quotidianamente le cose che non capisco aumentano XD

  3. L'università in Giappone per quanto difficile dev'esser un sogno, hai fatto una vera full immersion e sono certa che sarai migliorata tantissimo, nel post passato mi sono messa a leggere la parte giappo e sono rimasta piacevolmente stupita da quanto cose hai imparato in meno di un anno.

    Conosco poco la serie di Fire Emblem perchè ne ho giocato solo uno ma effettivamente quoto sullo stile, sembra Mana Khemia :\.

  4. Ti ringrazio Angel!
    Giapponese lo studio da un bel po'... tipo dalla fine del primo anno di liceo, ma facevo corsi solo d'estate perchè durante l' anno ero presa con gli studi... studiavo in qualche modo da sola, ma diciamo che era piuttosto inutile. Insomma, in verità il mio livello dovrebbe essere ben più alto di quello che è adesso..^^"

    Per FE, al di là di tutte le cose che proprio non mi vanno giù, devo dire che mi sta piacendo. Se non altro è curato e ci sono tante cose da fare ;)