venerdì 20 aprile 2012

大学 University

皆さん、お久しぶりだね (´∀`)
やっと大学が始まった!実は、1日から〜6日まで一年生のガイダンスだけだった。。。が、その週間に色んな事があって、ずっと忙しくて、ブロッグで新しいポストを出来なかった。本当にごめんなさい (´・ω・`)

Hello! Finally University has started, YEAAAH!  From April 1st to April 6th I had the school guidance: course presentation, informations, and stuff.. of course all in Japanese @_@ Even if It was a "guidance", I was quite busy with lessons and other thinks... like buying furnitures for the apartment, buying textbooks... That's why I wasn't able to update my blog, I'm really sorry for that (´・ω・`)
Next monday I will have class and starting that day I will do my best! Not only for school, but also for this blog hehe :P

とりあえず、新しい絵を描いた! (・ω・)
Anyway, let's talk about something else... for example, drawings! I have a new one that I did last week

ポケットモンスターのシゲル  -  Gary Oak from Pokèmon
最近、時間があれば(例えば電車の中でとか。。(・∀・) )ゲームをやっています。イラストはNintendoDsの『二ノ国 漆黒の魔導士』というゲームなんです。私はスタジオジブリと久石譲の大ファンですから、このゲームをやると思っていた。英語のバーションがないので、全部日本語でやると思った!やっぱり、勉強にななってしまいましたね(;´∀`)それに、ゲームだけではない、必要な本もあるし。どうして?もちろん、魔法指南のため!これ、面白いですね。本の中で絵がすごくきれいと思う。大好きです。

Also, when I have time (on the train lol) I'm playing a really nice game for Nintendo Ds: Ni no Kuni! As a great fan of Studio Ghibli's works and Hisaishi Joe's music, I really had to play this! Unfortunately, this game hasn't come out in Europe or USA... but I know that they are going to translate the ps3 version, check this out!!!! . However, the most interesting thing is that you need a "magic book" to play this game! In fact, everytime you have to draw a macig spell, you need to check the special book included with the game! I think It's really original :P And the drawings inside the book are so beautiful!

ゲームと本  -  Ni no Kuni and the book

4 commenti:

  1. Maledetta, bile a mille per Ni no Kuni! XD
    Goditelo anche per me.

    Passando a cose serie, in bocca al lupo con gli studi!

  2. grazie!
    A dire la verità è un pò palloso come gameplay, ma vale per tutto il resto! E soprattutto per il libro.
    Comunque penso che la versione ps3 sia ancora più bella di quella per ds..!

  3. Buona fortuna con i corsi! :) Anche se seguo i tuoi aggiornamenti su twitter, leggere questo blog è sempre carino e interessante. È difficile studiare lì?


    1. grazie! ^_^
      Ci sarebbero un sacco di cose da dire, in sintesi: è una bella esperienza ma a volte è abbastanza dura... più che altro perchè è TUTTO in giapponese e perchè tela devi sbrigare da sola^^"