martedì 25 marzo 2014

Third year is coming!

Second year is done, and now spring holidays are coming to an end as well... Time goes fast, I am 3rd year already!
Regarding this two semester, I don't even know from what should I start! I learned so much and got so much experience, even if I'm not so good enough. I also have a really good relation with my animation teachers: I had the opportunity to visit a small indipendent animation studio, I went out with my character design teacher and other friends. At first I thought really difficult to talk with teachers and stuff, but then It wasn't absolutely like that, people are not what they appear to be.
The guy on the right is my character for character design class, I had to think about his personality and background, to create action poses and clothes and finally to make a short animation with the teacher's storyboard. Together with this, we had also teacher's character and we had to do another animation. It was really hard... but not only this class even perspective was difficult, but the teacher was really nice. I think that I improved, but just a bit, nothing more..


On second semester I have started taking script class, animation script class and general script class. It was really, REALLY hard to write and read scripts in japanese. Most of the time I was really frustated because I couldn't read and understand everthing perfectly...Writing and explaining what you want to say is really complicated, ideas and images flow in the mind, but is really difficult to take them out. And think about doing all of this in another language...
For animation class I read a kind of light novel (the one on the left). It was difficult at first but It helps me a lot on improving my japanese. The story actually wasn't so bad (but I still don't like idol, bleargh), It was easy and with a simple structure. 
The other script class was more about talking with teacher and creating your own original story. The teacher was strict, but a really GOOD teacher. I think I have learn so much about story in this class, and I think I need to learn even more (I want to learn more!).
My story was actually something like old animation, Heidi, Romeo's blue sky.... the so called World Masterpiece Theater (世界名作劇場, Sekai Meisaku Gekijō), I love this kind of animation because is simple but well created, with a good balance of everything and a moral, a message inside. It's really difficult to find anime pure like these nowaday.

During spring holidays I practiced with anatomy, colours and other drawings. I'm also trying to create a story for a comic. I did some simple concept like characters and situations. The 2 characters on the right are an example.
I'm now creating the pages, but It's a bit longer that what I wanted to create, so It will take a lot of time to draw and complete everything^^"
Thanks to a friend I have tried a different ink and paper, and It was really good. Then I used tones that I bought back in Japan
I had to make my own light box because in Italy It's difficult to find a good one, and buying a new one is really expensive so....

The 2 characters on the light box are original as well, they are from a story I had created with my japanese friend. It will be nice to se them animated in the future....

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