venerdì 21 dicembre 2012

Anime Studio

So, this week I went to A-1 Pcitures Studio for a fieldtrip with one of my professors, a great opportunity and It was really interesting. You probably know this Studio, it has produced anime like Tetsuwan Birdy, Ao no Exorcist, Tsuritama, Idol Master, Fractale, Valkyria chronicles, Kuoshitsuji, Fairy Tail.... and their last works are Brothers in space, Sword Art Online, Magi and Shin sekai yori (btw this last one is one of my favourite anime right now). We took just a quick look at the studio because of course everyone was busy on the studio's next projects.
Well speaking about the studio, the building is brand new not really big, but the space is well organized and each department is divided in 3 floors. The animator's conditions and their working space seems good as well. You shoul know that when you talk about animators in Japan, you usally think of poor working condtions and a low salary(100¥ for 1 drawing), everyone know the sterotype regarding animators that eat instant ramen everyday because they can't afford more than that. My animation's teacher said that animator's life is hard, you have to work a lot not only for money but because the job is like that, you won't leave the studio until you have finished everything. Now she is working for Sunrise's Gundam Unicorn episode 6, and she said that the Studio is a 戦場 (senjou) which means battlefield LOL but she loves her work, and I think that only that is just amazing.
Well the people working there reassure us about that. We have also the opportunity to talk with one of the producers of A-1 Pictures, I ask him something about the character designer's job. It looks like chara designers have a lot of powers corning creativity, that's cool.

Anyway, I'm still working on 3DCG. I haven't really decided what to do in the future (except being character designer), but I want to study both 3D and 2D technics! I will try to do both next year, even if It will be difficult... But I must say one thing.... I'm starting loving 3DCG!

New character! This time no fat, but still a cat

His name is Baldassarre, an adventurer cat-knight you can find an artwork HERE.
I made this character for my 3DCG class on second term. It took almost 3 months for modelling, UV, textures and animation settings. Also I need to add coat and feather, they will take years to render ARGH. Well I didn't want to use him just like an homework, so I decided to make a short movie with 2 other friends. The main character is Baldassarre, 2 more kitties and... a dragon! Next project will be taking part in a contest next july, hope we will finish in time!

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