sabato 29 settembre 2012

Tokyo Game Show 2012

Phantasy star online is back!
I went to the Tokyo Game Show for the second time.
It was overcrowed as hell like always....but I must say that It was pretty fun, also I met a lot of friends there! YAY! Of course It was impossible to play games like Monster Hunter 4, too much people, and the tickets for the demo were sold out 30 minutes after the opening of the TGS. Even if I get there early, I had to wait almost one hour in line. Anyway, I saw MH4 presentation (Yian Kut-Ku is back!), then I bought some MH and Gyakuten Saiban stuff at the Capcom shops, and somehow I spent 80 minutes in line for LaytonVS Phoenix Wright, totally worth IT (?). Not kidding, the game looks pretty good, and Shu Takumi was working on It, so ok!
I couldn't play MH4, but I took a look at the stand, It was like a little village full of MH things... and the feline, ywah THE KITTY WAS SO CUTE I COULDN'T RESIST*^*
Gyakuten Saiban V (Phoenix Wright) stand was probably the most amazing of the TGS, take a look here...

I mean, what the hell! It's a real courtroom!
Probably only the Biohazard 6 could have been at the same level... well done CAPCOM!
The cosplayers were pretty cool, I was happy too find also characters as Pit or Palutena!

amazing monster hunter armor!
You can't even image how tired I was after a day like this...!^^" But as I said, It was really fun.
I think that from now on I will have time for NOTHING. I have just started the second semester and guess what, I'm at univeristy from 9AM to 9PM almost everyday. For lessons of course, but also for some project that I need to finish for the 文化際 (Bunka sai, aka School Festival), 3DCG movie is one of THESE. 頑張ります!

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