giovedì 12 luglio 2012

3D Computer Graphic

Ok, I was going to talk about E3, but after seeing how TERRIBLE all the conventions were, I just gave up :S seriously, this E3 was ridiculous, nothing interesting at all! Oh well.. let's change topic.
Working on 3DCG is pretty difficult. Not pretty, It is really difficult. I'm using autodesk maya, which is an amazing program, the problem is that there are so many options! I always get lost @_@
My first work with polygon was kind of stupid

just a little kitty/fox face and bubbles
In the first project (assignment) we had to do, was to create your own room, with furnitures, lights, textures, and everything. The main purpose of this work was to create a "livable" room.

I tried to create my room
It took like 2 weeks to create all the room. The most difficult part for me was to create the light.. shadows were a big problem as well.
nerd corner
 Then the first week I went crazy with the texture mapping, but now I get used to it fiuuuuu (the gamecube is made with texture). AND XENOBLADE ON THE TV, I KNOW RIGHT. There was also a Skies of Arcadia poster but I didn't render that part WOOOPS.
Now I'm working on another project, an animation project. I hope to do It in time for the deadline!
...And yes, I'm still playing Fire Emblem, but I will finish It soon because I'm at chapter 25th (probably the last one?). It's a bit short but there are a lot of side quests and characters! That's nice.

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  1. OH MAMMA *-* la camera è bellissima!
    Ti prego quando torni puoi insegnarmi qualcosa? **

  2. La camera è veramente incredibile! Ho notato subito il Game Cube e Xenoblade, ti darei il massimo dei voti anche solo per averli inseriti senza contare il poster del gatto u_u.

  3. si si ti faccio vedere, ma purtroppo Maya non è un programma che si impara in un'ora, ci ho messo 2 settimane solo per la stanza XD

    Il gatto è Misurino! c'è anche un poster di Skies of Arcadia ma da quella inquadratura non si vede. Ah, commento del professore "che stanza da otaku!" LOL