lunedì 20 febbraio 2012

Drawing snow leopards

Since last year, I've been quite interested in snow leopards. Why? Well, first of all because I love cats and felines. Also, I like the fact that a snow leopard (also called panthera uncia) is really secretive, solitary and well camouflaged by Its own habitat. Afer a little research on the web, not only about this animal, but also regarding legends and myths , I have found this program called "Snow Leopard Beyond the Myth" by BBC.  When I was little I didn't know such animal actually exists, and of course I have never seen this kind of program before. In fact this is the ONLY good documentary that I could found regarding snow leopards. Their life, the place where they lives, everything reminds of a legend. This feline sure is mysterious.
As an interesting animal, I tried to draw It. I usually take inspiration/reference from photos.

Drawing process, click for bigger size
As you see, It's only a mere sketch and nothing more. I have started with the base lineart for the body, and then I have drawn the fur and stuff. I think animal anatomy (or general anatomy) It's quite difficult, but snow leopard's anatomy is even more difficult because of Its thick fur. This was the reference for the sketch.

In the future I'd like to create a comic (or somenthing similar) with this amazing creature as one of the characters. In fact I already have a story on my mind, characters, setting, and everything, but with my actuall drawing skills I think I won't be able to create a good work. Of course I have tried to draw a page, but I didn't really like it, so that's why I'm practicing with sketches and simple drawings :)
I've done other drawings, and probably this is the best I have done so far

Done with watercolor

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